University of the Philippines Graduation Speech Diliman

It’s boring but it makes sense

This graduation isn’t about that diploma alone. I don’t think it’s only about marching and taking that fake scrolled paper. I think the challenge really is for us to go out there and start working to be in the environment.

Can sales rally really rally your people?

After yet another long wait, I’m writing my first blog for 2012. As much as I’d like to make it a personal note, I decided to speak my mind on sales since it also this time of the year where companies and organizations mostly stage their sales kick off events. This year, I’m blessed to…

The best motivational speaker in Asia and Manila

After quite a long time, I’m blogging again. I finally decided to break the silence because something caught my attention. They are called “claims.” I’m sure we all have a share of experience when you meet people, in the Internet and in real life, who claim a certain authority without factual basis. I’m writing to…