Janine: The inspiration everyone needs

Maybe, Ms. USA got it because her country needs it more than the Philippines. Our country is in better position than the US. The title can somehow inspire Americans to get back on their feet. Maybe, that’s what it means to inspire. Let’s congratulate the winner for sometimes, we gain by losing. And Janine simply gained our respect and admiration. —LLOYDLUNA

Ms. Philippines Janine Tugonon is Ms. Universe 2012 First Runner-up.

Ms. Philippines Janine Tugonon is Ms. Universe 2012 First Runner-up.

Venus Raj is 4th runner-up, Shamcey is 3rd runner up, Janine is 1st runner-up! Hopefully next year, Ms. Universe is Ms. Philippines, according to an FB post.

Our very own Ms. Philippines Janine Tugonon was asked: “As international ambassador, do you believe that speaking English should be a prerequisite for Miss Universe?”

She replied, “I don’t think speaking English is about speaking a specific language. Being Miss Universe is about being able to influence and inspire people, regardless of language.”

Personally, I believe this is one of those close fight the goes beyond a political pageant. As I see it, I guess there’s more positive ideas that we can take from the result. It simply should mean more to someone else than it should for millions of Filipinos and millions of Asians who witnessed this year’s beauty pageant.

We may have lost but such loss is nothing short of our contribution to a country that’s going through tough times. The United States must be inspired once again so they can get back on their feet. With the challenges that they face and many more ahead, winning this title may mean so much for them. It could mean a beginning—perhaps a time when they can take a look inside them once again and bring back their greatness.

The Philippines have their own issues as well. But, I guess we are in a better position than the US. I guess we’re more on the winning side than they are. And by losing to the US, we’re able to contribute to them.

Losing to someone is an honor if and when someone deserves it. And in this situation, I guess we’ve lost to someone who needs it for her country.

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