We didn’t expect that your talk will be like this. Just surprised by how lively, unique yet inspiring you your delivery was. It’s something I’ve not seen before. It was a top-notch performance. Everybody loved it. Such an amazing presentation. Very touching yet very funny.

Elizabeth Kalaw
Vista Residences High-Rise Division Head

What a fantastic, fantastic speech. It was presented in a lively, funny but totally harmonious “standup comedy.” It’s substantial as well. Nobody stood up to take a pee. Everybody sticked around from start to finish. A very inspiring talk, so far the best kick-off motivational speaker we’ve got.

Jose Mari Antunez
Chairman of Total Information Management Corp.

Lloyd is the go-to guy if you’re looking for a lively motivational speaker. His spontaneous and natural expression of his teachings and inspiration is superb. Such a rare talent. We are grateful for granting us the opportunity to hear him in person. He over-delivered surpassing all our expectations.

Herminio M. Alcasid, Sr.
President of PNOC Development and Management Corp.

One of the most effective, brilliant and funny motivational speaker in the Philippines who helped our sales people make the best in what they do.

Ramon Artificio, Canon
Former President and CEO

To be the Number 1 Sales Company of Pro-friends all these years, we have to rely on one of the best motivational speaker in Asia in the name of Lloyd Luna. Now, that’s an open secret.

Billy Dominguez, Green Circle Realty

The most authentic, funny and lively inspirational speaker we have so far. No dull moment. Just a perfect speech to rally our people. Such a unique skill to connect with the audience and natural talent we recommend for organisations out there.

Ronald Santos, Transitions Optical Philippines, Inc.
Training and Organizational Development

Our people got motivated by Lloyd’s speech. At a very young age, his message serves both as a challenge and inspiration especially to our managers and supervisors. We are glad to have him.

Jean Henri Lhuillier
President of Cebuana Lhulillier

Having to invite him again means we’ve enjoyed it the first time and we couldn’t get enough of him. Such an energetic, funny teacher. Thank you for motivating and inspiring our sales people.

Len Mangubat

We are very happy to have Lloyd as one of our motivational speakers in our annual convention. His message based on his book, Why Am I Working?, inspired our branch managers and key staff. It’s a lively and engaging talk.

Suzette Etable
Retail Banking Group