Be careful with your search

The Internet has given many speakers an opportunity to market themselves using Google. If you’re looking for a motivational speaker, you probably would open your browser and type the same set keywords. In an instant, voila! you have your results. But finding the perfect match much more the most suitable motivational speaker isn’t as simple…

Personal Branding

What is your total package from inside out? Who are you really? What do you represent? What do you stand for? Just like all successful brands you see around, each one of us is made for a particular task but how you present your self is nothing but a reflection of the brand that you…

Maternal Leadership

Of all leadership style, maternal leadership may probably be the most effective if not even the greatest. In essence, it’s about leadership lessons from the perspective of a mother and how her love can serve as a leadership inspiration.

Career Development

What does it take to succeed in your chosen career? I’ll teach you how to choose the best fit career for you and how to succeed in it. Navigating one’s career is easier when you know the pitfalls and the challenges you might have to face ahead, head-on.