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In May 2013, mid-term elections is coming and new political leaders will take leadership roles after that. Every election period, the battlefield only becomes smaller, tighter, and yes, ultra-competitive. How does a candidate win an election?

There are many answers but this entry tackles only one of those reasons for winning: Political jingle.

We’ve heard many political songs a thousand times played during the campaign. Most of them are just adaptation of popular songs because accordingly they do have an easier recall.


But, is it all there is in a political song or jingle? Is it only about recall?

As a musician, composer, and arranger in the Philippines, I believe in using original music as a reinforcement of candidate’s genuine desire to serve the people. I think this is a test of honesty as well as integrity. Why use the melody, the beat, the sound, the rhythm of songs that are previously published and recorded? You get the recall but I think there’s not much sincerity in it.

Political jingle or song is an audio component of one’s political message. And it is this message that we try to imbibe on the subconscious mind of the voters. People don’t have to watch the music so closely but it will have the same effect in the person. That’s how music plays its role. You may not be conscious but it doesn’t matter.

We are sure that soon, Ganghnam-like Political Jingles will hit the election grounds soon. There's only one running in Laguna.

We are sure that soon, Ganghnam-like Political Jingles will hit the election grounds soon. There’s only one running in Laguna.

Manny Villar political jingle when he ran as president should have been effective because it has become a household song for a while. It’s easy to memorize and easy to sing. Should the overall strategy worked out, it could have been a different story. But the song played an important role in introducing him as a candidate.

That said, Villar made an effort to come up with an original, which is a plus factor to those who are running for public office. Doing such effort is telling the public that we can always come up with our own lyrics, rhythm, melody. We can have our own music.

Just last week, Kabayani Gerry Gamez went to our office and treat for lunch. Before he left our place three hours later, he was already carrying a disc with his political jingle, an original music composition composed and arranged by yours truly.

If you know of anyone who is running for election or reelection in 2013, Creativoices Productions and LLOYDLUNA teamed up to prepare a political jingle for you at a very reasonable cost. Let’s us know your message and we will strategize the music component of your entire political campaign.

Give us a call 846-1089 or 505-5336 to inquire about our package. You can also send us an email.

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