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Motivational of Lloyd Luna

Vice President Jejomar Binay congratulates Lloyd Luna on his inspiring speech during the 2011 Sari-sari Store Convention.

I believe in kingship. As a businessperson, we have it in our power to rule. Everyday, we make tough choices and hopefully informed decision. We choose which clothes to put on, neck tie and shoes to use. We make judgment that involves emotion, perception, and people.

But we are kings. We are given an opportunity to rule over competition. As kings, we can decide to win or lose in a game. We can use our innate goodness to rule over our emotions thus we no longer get pissed off easily.

We are kings and kings display a great composure. We don’t just give in to anger. We rule such devastating emotion. Our judgment is based on our personal belief—one that is sometimes misunderstood by many. We make unpopular judgment.

As kings, we have the responsibility foremost to ourselves as we can’t rule others without having ruled ourselves. Therefore, we make sure that we are always on top and in perfect shape. We have not only responsibility over those we rule but also accountability.

We have the power to change the way we think. We have the power over adversity. We have the power over poor thinking. We have the power of the competition.


I believe in stewardship. We are given with something—good and bad, big and small. Please note the use of “and” instead of “or.”

As a businessperson, something is entrusted to us. It goes from being a steward of our talents, skills, business, work force, knowledge, partners, suppliers, and many more. We can hardly count these blessings.

Along with the good things, we are given with bad employees, bad hair day, loses, monthly bills, expenses, and bad deals among many others.

But sure, we are given with something. How we respond to what is given differentiates each one of us. The way we handle our circumstances almost assure us of the result—success or failure.

If something is given, I’m sure something is to be taken away. Time will come that we will have to report on our progress. Somebody may ask, “What did you do with the things I gave you?”

One story I have tells us the value of stewardship. There were three good people. One was given with 1,000, the other with 2,000, and the other with 5,000. The master said to them, “Go and make some profits.” Then, after some time, they met again. The first good person, who was given with 1,000 said, “Because I was too afraid that I may lose what you’ve given, I buried the 1,000. Here. I’m giving it back to you.”

The second good person got back with 2,000 on top of the original 2,000. The third good person came back with 5,000 profit.

Some of us know what happened in this story. The 1,000 of the first good person was taken away from him.

It seems to me like we all have to perform and make use of our talents and skills. I’m sure, we all have that “something” in us. We are given with something. All we need is some time to sit back and discover that “something.”

I believe in stewardship. We have the power over what is given to us.


I believe in leadership. In countless instances, somebody influences us. And yes, we do influence other people. But this life is about influence. That’s why it is important to name names. Who are influencing your life? Who is it that leads you? In return, who are this people that you lead?

One thing interesting about leadership is, we all have the opportunity to choose who to follow or not. Who are you following? What are you following? Are you following the path to the desire of your heart? Or, is it simply because everybody else follows that path that’s why you are there?

Whether we like it or not, we are leaders. We lead. And the only question is, “What kind of leader am I?” “What kind of leadership do I display?” “Who are the people I influence?”

As leaders, people can only see us as either a warning that they’d like to avoid or a model which they can follow.

Think about it. Every word, emotion, and action that we do every minute can serve as either an inspiration or a distraction for others. But nonetheless, the reality remains: We are leaders.

Which kind of leader are you?

I believe in leadership. We have the power to influence the lives of people.

These three beliefs are essential in our decision making process as business owners. We have to make sure that in us are well-guarded ownership of these gifts: kingship, stewardship, and leadership.


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