My Journey a Filipino Speech Writer

LLOYDLUNA writes speeches for business owners, politicians, government leaders, and management executives among other clients.

I began writing speeches when I was in high school. As a student leader, I make sure to write my own speech. But speech writing is nothing but a formal business of my passion to write love letters. When I was younger, my sweethearts were product of my finest writings. None of my competitors in this arena of courtship would match my style. Girls fall in love not much because of what they see outside but because of what I am inside reflected on my letters.

So I thought that there’s the power of the written words. Get some of them organized and presented with passion and surely there’ll be people to listen and get the message. For someone like me who’s a God-given talent of writing, it’s pretty much easy.

Some of my teachers back then would ask me to write a speech for them. And I would always be privileged to do it for them. It’s a great feeling listening to the speech you wrote for someone. Perhaps the star is the one reading it but there’s a huge star inside me—the feeling of fulfillment—that cannot be bought by fame or money.

When I was in college, it was pretty much the same. I would write my ow speeches whenever I get invited to speak before small or big group of students. As a student leader, it’s my job to communicate with my audience. But my colleagues would also ask me to write a speech for them, especially during election campaign. Most of those I’ve helped turned out of be winners.

Even after college, the time when I was already working for a private company, I would still write speeches for my boss. I think I had a long experience writing speeches in the past so my superior would rather trust me with the job. But I had to feel the person who’d read the speech. I needed to make it appear like it’s really the person reading it who wrote it. Unlike other speech writers who write great speeches, I make sure that the style is consistent with personality of the person reading it.

When I started my business, my associates would also ask me to write especially during product or service launching. Business owners and CEOs would call me to either ask me to write a full-length speech or do a powerpoint presentation (Keynote for Mac), for them.

There was an instance when a good friend of mine, also a business owner, asked me to write a speech that he’d share in their church. I was asked by a dean of a reputable school to prepare a graduation speech for her. And so many speeches more.

Politicians also ask me to make their public speeches before the campaign and after winning. I do it well for them that they will have to maintain me (on a monthly basis) so they can have a well-crafted speech whenever they need it.

As a speechwriter, I make it sure that my client is the one saying it. The message must be consistent and the style should match their personality. Otherwise, there’s a very little or no effect at all. I used different styles based on the client’s personality. And I make sure we do some rehearsals before the event.