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There’s no winning in life

Lloyd Luna on winning

For the longest time, I believed in winning. I believed that in any competition, someone has to lose so that one can win. I believed in winning since my early exposures in competitions and quiz bees way back in the 90s. Oh, God. When we compete, the goal is always to win. And why not? […]

Start again

Filipino Motivational Speaker Philippines

How many times we’ve failed isn’t as important as how many times we’ve stood up and continue our pursuit of success and happiness. At least this is what I’d like us to realize as we enter the new year. Last week, I did a motivational talk before two real estate giants in Manila during their […]

Inspirational Speech of Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington's motivational speech at Smith.

Do I need to say more? Read the entire speech, “Redefining Success: The Third Metric,” as prepared for delivery below: Thank you so much, President Christ, the Board of Trustees, distinguished alumnae, members of the faculty, devoted parents and friends, and especially the fabulous Smith College class of 2013. Congratulations. You have reached the light […]

Get Into Business With Me

When I am on stage giving motivational speech or a keynote address, it seems like what I’ve been through was easy. I may be laughing with the crowd but that’s only true now that I’ve walked away from tough times and confusing circumstances, often frustrating. Looking back from where I am now, I can see […]

Book: Why Am I In Love With You?

Love has always been a double-edged sword. It makes us either happy or sad at a particular time and space. We believe in love, mostly the fairy tale part of it, that brings us to a page that writes, “And they live happily ever after.” Regardless, one truth would always remain the same: All of […]

2013 Motivational Keynote Speech Training Module

We’ve inspired a number of people on personal motivation and business success—from the islands of the Philippines to the wonderful cities of Bangkok, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh, Bandar Seri Begawan, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, and Kota Kinabalu. We’ve touched people in eight countries and we’re on to visit more cities!

Do we stop to appreciate the beauty?

Hello, everyone! Somewhere along the web, I was able to read this. I’ve copied and pasted this for my readers pleasure. No copyright infringement is intended and due citation of the author is attributed. Thank you, Josh Nonnenmoc. “A man sat at a metro station in Washington DC and started to play the violin; it […]

Sales Rally speaker again, and again

It seems logical but if you think about it, selling goes beyond the company and its bottom-line. Your sales is an unmistakable reflection of who you are and what you are. Your numbers are your representation.

What makes a good writing

As a prolific autor and a passionate writer myself, I can totally agree on David’s wisdom on writing. These 10 items are highly recommended to those who want to make it to the top, especially in today’s world of information. On September 7th, 1982, David Ogilvy sent the following internal to all agency employees, titled “How to Write”: […]