10 Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs Award Philippines

Winning is subjective and therefore it’s not much relevant with who we are as a person. A person makes the winning, not the other way around.

I got a call from my good friend and mentor Paolo Tibig while I was in a cab going to University of the Philippines Theater for my major motivational speech before the delegates of Youth for Information Technology.

There was the bad news that I thought is not really bad at all.

“What happened to you and Pocholo? Bakit wala kayo dito sa winners? Do you know these people, referring to what he was seeing in the newspaper ad.”

And how would I know? I told him that surely those winners have a more inspiring story that I have only that upon submitting the initial requirement we never heard a word from the organizer. There was no acknowledgment of the entry whatsoever.

Later in the afternoon, I got a message from my nominator Victor Tan of Bobson Jeans. He also knew about the news and a bit surprise with what happened, too. But as a man of wisdom and calm spirit, he told me there’s always a next time.

The truth is, everybody was calm about it. We all agree that it’s no big deal. When I accepted the nomination, I submitted myself to the entire selection process.

This event will never make me less of what I am now, more so will never make my own story lesser than those who got the award. I am still in one piece so as long as I am clear about my values, principles, philosophies, dreams, desire, aspiration, and mission.

There’s no sour-grapping here whatsoever. Those who say that there is are people who don’t know me. I believe they don’t have the authority to do so anyway. They can say whatever they say for so long as they want and in the end they can’t stop me from what I’m thinking and doing. I don’t much have time to waste for these people.

I congratulate the winners of this year’s search. May you inspire more people to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

To those people who supported me all the way, Mr. Victor Tan who had an extra workload to arrange the requirements and paper works just to complete the entry and my mentors who expected high about my chances, thanks so very much.

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